What is an intra-oral photo? How is that different from the image captured by CariVu?

An intra-oral photo is a photograph of the chewing surface, or the side of the tooth, taken with a camera designed to see inside the patient’s mouth. The CariVu, on the other hand, looks similar but it uses an infrared light that transilluminates the tooth. The image taken by the CariVu shows the inside of the tooth, whereas the normal camera shows only the surface of the tooth.

What types of tooth problems does the CariVu NOT help?

The only thing the CariVu can’t do well is read around an existing crown. This is because crowns have metal underneath them or they are made out of material that the light can’t illuminate. In a situation such as this, we have to do an x-ray. The CariVu also can’t illuminate teeth below the gum line, so those teeth will require an x-ray to be viewed as well.

Can the patient see the pictures?

Yes, the CariVu images are shown to the patients just like x-rays and other dental photos. This allows us to help explain everything to the patient. These images are then saved in the patient’s dental records.

Who else is using the CariVu?

At this time we do not know of another dentist in Hilliard that has a CariVu. In fact, there are only a few offices in all of Central Ohio that have it.

Who makes the CariVu

The CariVu is made by a dental technology company called Dexis – http://www.dexis.com/carivu

Does the CariVu capture a short video of the tooth or just a snapshot or both?

It does technically capture a short series of images, but they are all saved in the patient’s dental file as individual still images. The staff simply keeps the most important and helpful images.

Do you have a Carivu in every operatory or do you bring the Carivu into the operatory?

We don’t have a CariVu in every room. We only have one because they’re expensive and the hygienists share it.  After each use, the tips are cleaned in an autoclave so they are sterilized for each patient.