dental abrasionDental abrasion is the condition where any friction from any foreign element causes the erosion of the tooth enamel. Brushing your teeth vigorously can cause dental abrasion and weaken the tooth’s outer layer. Conditions like acid re-flux, bulimia or excessive vomiting and eating acidic foods can also cause dental abrasion.

Tiny curved indentations are signs of dental abrasions and signify an oral hygiene check with your dentist. A Hilliard dentist can recommend proper techniques to protect and restore your teeth.

The Causes of Dental Abrasion

Brushing too hard is the usual cause, but any object that frequently rubs against the teeth can scrape the enamel. This includes improper use of toothpicks, chewing on pencils, fingernails or other objects. Partial dentures or ill-fitting retainers can also cause dental abrasion. Even the toothpaste that you use can be a culprit as some may contain abrasive formulas.

The enamel protects the tooth, and damage to your enamel is irreversible; so it is important to seek treatment for dental abrasion before it gets worse. The wearing out of enamel can also be a sign or contribute to a more serious dental issue eventually. Tooth filling or tooth extraction may be recommended to untreated and undiagnosed dental abrasion.

To prevent dental abrasion:

  • Always use a toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Ask your dentist tips on brushing your teeth properly
  • Avoid brushing vigorously
  • Stop from biting your nails or chewing pencils
  • Use toothpicks correctly
  • Ensure that braces, aligners and retainers fit properly and always visit your dentist regularly to have them checked
  • Don’t skip your regular dental checkups

Call Voyles Family Dental once you notice early erosion of your tooth enamel. Dr. James Voyles may recommend fluoride treatment to help correct the problem. Otherwise, he may suggest dental fillings or dental bonding to replace the lost structure of the tooth.

Don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask your dentist about any dental issues. Your dentist is there to ensure you get to have a good dental health.